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Birth Blossoms on the Treasure Coast of Florida

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If you decide to hire me as your professional labor support;

During your pregnancy; 

  •  I will provide you with certified childbirth preparation individually tailored to your family or I can attend childbirth classes of your choice.
  • We can include prenatal yoga based exercises or I can refer you to a local class.
  • We will explore your options and you will be prepared to make informed choices regarding your care.
  • It it comforts you to hear your baby's heart beat we will listen.
  • photos optional
  • belly casting optional

 at 36 weeks I consider myself 'on-call' to you. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By email, home or cell. When you decide you are ready for me to attend you I will come.

During your labor, while at home;

  • You will ask your care provider whether it is best for you to rest or be active and I will support you to do either.
  • I can help your partner to support you the way you want to be supported. 
  • I will offer rebozo, warm rice bag, birth ball, aromatherapy, walking in the sand, soothing touch and a variety of *tricks of the trade.
  • I can integrate the interest and participation of siblings.
  • photos optional.,

During your Birth,  In the Hospital or at home

  • My experience will help to assure and guide you.
  • I will help explain medical terminology and technology you may have questions about.
  • I will provide you with soothing touch, suggestions for positional changes, props and supports.
  • Photos optional and with permission from medical provider.

Postpartum (after your birth);

  •  Immediately postpartum I stay untill you no longer need me, generally an hour or so.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • A home or hospital visit 1-3 days postpartum.
  • A home visit 2-4 weeks postpartum where I look forward to sharing pictures and memories.

Fees for birth doula/labor support services start at $650.00. This includes;

  • unlimited phone contact for questions or support
  • Childbirth classes with a certified educator
  • Prenatal exercise
  • Schedule blocking to be on call for you from 36 -42 weeks +  post partum visits.
  • Unlimited, uninterrupted hours with you during your labor, birth and immediate post-partum time.

Options include additional post partum support, post partum support after birth by cesarean,   photography, prenatal, postpartum or labor support massage *and prenatal yoga*.

I do not offer medical nor midwifery services.

I can provide recommendations to massage therapists, chiropractors, counselors, licensed homebirth midwives and local obstetricians based on any special needs/interests you may have.

Sliding scale and service trades available.

*Referrals for massage are to Rebecca Belcher, licensed in Florida since 1997 MA25701

*Referrals for yoga made to Margarida Tree

 I am available by phone and email and encourage you to call with questions between 9 am and 7 pm.      772-475-8560  or  Meet me in person at a monthly mother's potluck    or  Email anytime.