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Birth Blossoms on the Treasure Coast of Florida


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Birth Blossoms
Project ONE VOICE on the Treasure Coast

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"Project: ONE VOICE 

In response to ACOG's recent statement on ethical elective cesareans, CAPPA facilitated nationwide demonstrations that united childbirth professionals and women expressing their disappointment with ACOG and sending a message to ACOG that we will protect and defend a woman's right to be fully informed of our childbearing choices, and the long-term consequences of our decisions. Locally we came together as one voice to support a woman's right to VBAC. Martin Memorial, the most progressive hospital in which to birth on the Tresure Coast, has enacted a NO VBAC policy however on February 14th, the date of the Onevoice efforts nationwide, and of our march locally in Stuart at Martin Memorial Health Center, Martin agreed to a dialog regarding their VBAC policy which we have scheduled for April 13th at 3 PM. To find out more or to get involved follow the Onevoice link at the top of this page.

 Project: ONE VOICE is non partisan

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